EOS R Global Launch


Create an unforgettable experience that has plenty of photo opportunities for journalists, photojournalists and ambassadors to launch Canon’s EOS R camera.


The concept was to transport the guests 400 years to a utopian future. I developed a story of a Canon ambassador that was lost in the future and it was down to the invited journalists to ‘find her’.
Along with the 3D set design team, we created a variety of fully immersive spaces, including the Lab, Missing Persons Room, Museum of Curiosity, Worker’s Space and the Gym; each of which contained clues and potential pointers as to where the ambassador might be, thus allowing them to try out this latest model and all of its settings.

To add to the theatrical aspect of the experience, it was produced by award-winning theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, known for their work on Alice’s Adventures Underground.